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Afrikstart is a One-Stop
Crowdfunding Platform set to provide Funding, Training, and Mentoring to Entrepreneurs in Africa. Afrikstart is a Social Enterprise with a mission to Empower Africans to Start, Fund, and Grow Businesses.

Our Motto: Empowering Africans to Create Businesses and Jobs To Sustain Themselves Can Alleviate Poverty Too!

how it works



Direct Donations
Rewards-Based Donations
Seed Grants



Interactive Online Courses
on Entrepreneurship
and Management



Coaching of Entrepreneurs by Experienced Business Professionnals from Africa and Worldwide

Why Afrikstart?



Providing an innovative solution to the acute shortage of seed funding for young entrepreneurs; and addressing youth mass unemployment through Entrepreneurship

Empowering <br>Women


Tackling the unmached financial needs of African women entrepreneurs running SMEs due to stereotypical barriers and unequal treatment



Offering technical assistance and business advisory to the entrepreneurs who lack the networks and the entrepreneurial skills to kick start and grow their businesses

Afrikstart - crowdfunding africa



We connect African Entrepreneurs with Funders and Mentors Worldwide



We Source Crowdfunding Projects from Selected Partners such as Startup Incubators



We Send Regular Updates on the Entrepreneur Progress on Setting Up Her/His Business once Funded

In Africa, what is needed is less focus on the problems and more on the solutions. One of those solutions is empowering people economicallyVital Sounouvou
No one will develop Africa but Us. On the path to prosperity, Africans must take the leadTony Elumelu
Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetimeLao Tzu
A society that engages its youth interests, enlists their talents, and liberates their energies brings hope to the entire worldKofi Annan
We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the futureFranklin D. Roosevelt
It’s up to you to educate yourself, It’s up to learn...skills It’s up to try, and usually fail, but to try again all sorts of venturesGene Simmons
The only way for a woman, and as for a man, to find herself, as a person is by creating work of her ownBetty Friedan
We, African women do carry baskets of commodities on our heads. But we also build businesses and organisations that employ hundredsTheo Sawa
An entrepreneur without funding is like a musician without an instrumentRobert A. Rice Jr
Help others achieve their dreams And you will achieve yoursLes Brown

The Team

Afrikstart was founded by a team of students who met at the online course Technology Entrepreneurship of Stanford University

Other Project Contributors

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